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Nashik: Latest and Useful Informations of Famous Destinations and Best Hotels of Nashik, Maharashtra

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Are you planning to visit Nashik city? In this travel guide, you can get important information of best hotels and famous tourist places of Nashik city. Nashik city is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats mountains on the banks of the river Godavari. This city is the third largest city in the northwest region of Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the 14th most populous city in India. Nashik city is well known for holy place of India. Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas located at 30 km away from this city. Shiva Linga is a shrine houses in the sanctum sanctorum. It is a believe that a person who will attain salvation after visiting this temple. Nashik is very amazing and beautiful place. This city is one of the famous holy places in India. Nashik city hosts one of the largest religious gatherings in the world known as "Maha Kumbh'.

Map of Nashik

Annual Weather Report
Summer :- April to June  Temperature:- Mini-20c  Maxi- 37c
Monsoon:- July to September  Rainfall:- 201mm
Winter     :- December to February Temperature:- Mini-11c  Maxi-30c
Best Traveling Time:- October to April
Transport System
By Air:- Ozar Airport is situated at Ozar and 15 km away from northeast Nashik city of Indian state of Maharashtra. It is home to a maintenance station of the Indian Air Force. It is well connected to all major citiies of the Indian states. This airport terminal is well equipped with all the facilities. A new passenger terminal was inaugurated on 3rd March 2014.
By Railway:- Nashik Road Railway Station is located at 9 km away from Nashik city centre. This station is well connected to all major cities of Indian states. Taxis and luxury buses are available at the railway station for travel to different parts of the city and outside.

By Road:- Nashik city is connected between two National Highways like NH-50 Nashik-Pune Highway and NH-3 Mumbai-Agra Highway. Nashik city is well connected to all major cities of Indian states. Nashik has three bus stands like Nashik Bus Sthanak at Thakkar Bazar, Mahamarg Transport Stand and Old Central Bus Stand. 

Famous Tourist Places:- There are several famous tourist places in Nashik, Maharashtra, India such as Trimbakeshwar Temple, Pandavaleni Caves, Muktidham Temple, Ramkund, Brahmagiri Hill, Balaji Devsthan, Coin Museum,  Shubham Water World, Ganga Ghat, ISKCON Temple, Jain Mandir etc.
Trimbakeshwar Temple:- Trimbakeshwar Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. It located at the foothills of a mountain called Brahmagiri and 28 km away from Nashik city. This temple is situated in the bottom of this mountain. It is beautiful natural surrounding with the cold weather as it is situaated about 3000ft above from the sea. This temple was built by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (Nana Saheb). This temple is dedicated to the God Shiva. You can see beautiful features of three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra (Shiva). There is a sacred pond in the temple premises is the source of the Godavari River. The Godavari river is the longest river in peninsular India. This temple was built with black stone.

Pandavleni Caves:- Pandavleni Caves is known as Pandu Leni or Triasmi Caves. It is out of of the 24 caves. This caves is a Buddhist holy place and it is located around 8 km away from south of Nashik, Maharashtra. It is one of the famous tourist places in Nashik, India.

Muktidham Temple:- Muktidham Temple is located at Nashik Road suburb of the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The walls of temple has painted depicting scenes from life of Krishna and Mahabharata. There are eighteen chapters of Geeta written on this temple's wall. It made with marble from Makrana in Rajasthan and by Rajasthani sculptors. It is also one of the famous tourist places in Nashik, India.

Coin Museum:- Coin Museum is situated at the surroundings of the Anjneri Hills. It is located at  IIRNS Campus, Trimbak Road, Near Anjaneri Village, Nashik, Maharashtra. It is only one this type of Museum in Asia. It has a rich historical background as it was under the rule of several rulers such as Marathas, Kolis, Bahmanis, Mughals etc. The Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies was established in 1980.  Several workshops are held in this institute to promote coin collecting in India.

ISKCON Temple:- ISKCON Temple is known as Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal Temple. It is located at Vrindavan Colony, Gen. Vaidya Nagar, Poornima Stop, Dwarka, Nashik, Maharashtra. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. It is one of the famous ISKCON Temple in India. It is very beautiful and peaceful place.

Best and Five Star Hotels : There are several best and five star hotels in Nashik city, but here I listed only seven best and five star hotels.

The Gateway Hotel Ambad (A Taj Hotel), P-17, MIDC, Ambad, Nashik, Maharashtra-422010, India. (5.8 km away from Airport & 2.3 km away from Pendulena Cave) Rs.6,000/- per room per night.

Hi 5 Hotel and Experience, P5 MIDC Ambad, Pathardi Patha, Mumbai-Agra Road, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.(13.4 km away from Nashik Road Bus Stand, 14.9 km Nashik Road Railway Station & 9.7 km away from Ganga Ghat) Rs.5,207/- per room per night.

Jupiter Business & Luxury Hotel, Pathardi, Phata, Mumbai-Agra Road, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. (around 9 km away from the Bhaki Dham & 5 km away from Pandav Caves) Rs.3,000/- & Rs.5,000/- per room per night.

Ibis Nashik, Plot No-9, Triambakeshwar Road, Satpur MIDC, Nashik-422007, Maharashtra, India. Rs.3,619/- per room per night.

Ginger Hotel, Nashik, Plot No-P20(part), Triambakeshwar Road, Near Satpur MIDC, Police Station, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.Rs.2,825/- per room per night.

Hotel Express Inn, Pathardi Phata, Mumbai-Agra Road, Ambad, Nashik-422010, Maharashtra, India.Rs.5,984/- per room per night

Hotel Panchavati Elite Inn, Near Police Training Centre, Trimbak Road, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India. Rs.2,600/- to Rs.3,400/- per room per night.

Cheap and Best Hotels

Hotel Pushkraj, Above Deepsons, Shalimar Chowk, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India. (671m away from Nashik Bus Stand & 1.6 km away from Kumbh Mela) Rs.1,187/- to Rs.1,837/- per room per night.

Hotel Sahyadri Lodge, Near CBS, Thakkar Bazar, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India. (470 m away from Nashik Bus Stand & 1.7 km away from Kumbh Mela) Rs.1,360/-(Non-Ac) Rs.1,860/-(AC) per room per night.

OYO Rooms Nashik, Mumbai-Agra Road, Mumbai Highway, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. (10 km away from Nashik Road Railway Station, 2 km away from Pathardi Phata Bus Stop, 12 km away from Someshwar Temple & 30 km away from Triambakeshwar Temple) Rs.1,398/- per room per night.

Hotel Royale Heritage, Shalimar Chowk, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.(28 km away from Ozar Airport, Nashik & 12 km away from Nashik Road Railway Station) Rs1,086/- to Rs.2,114/ per room per night.

Hotel Vaishali, 480/K, Gole Colony, Near Meher, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India. Rs1,349/- & Rs.1,716/- per room per night.

Hotel Shanti Inn, Beside Sakhla Arcade, Opp. Fame Theatre, Nashik-422006, Maharashtra, India. (35 km away from Ozar Airport, 90 km away from Shirdi, 5 km away from Nashik Road Railway Station & 12 km away from Someshwar Temple) Rs.999/- per room per night.

Blue Moon, Above Hotel Radhika, Dwarka, Nashik-422011, Maharashtra, India.Rs.400/- to Rs.1,000/- per room per night.

(Rate of hotels may be changed time to time)

Note:-These all information have been taken from different media sources such as blog reviews, magazines, tourist reviews, travel sites etc.

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