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Ranchi :Latest & Useful Informations of Famous Tourist Places with Best Hotels of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

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Are you planning to visit Ranchi? In this travel guide, you can see latest and useful informations of famous tourist places and best hotels of Ranchi city. Ranchi is the Indian state of Jharkhand's capital city. It is situated in the southern part of the Chota Nagpur plateau. This city has many waterfalls so it is  known as the " City of Waterfalls" such as Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Panchghagh Falls etc. The state of Jharkhand was formed on 15 November 2000 by carving out the Bihar divisions of Chota Nagpur and Santhal Parganas. The population of Ranchi is 10,73,440. The climate condition of Ranchi is very pleasant.

Map of Ranchi

Annual Average Climate Condition

Summer:- March to June Temperature:- Mini-20c  Maxi-42c
Monsoon:- July to September Rainfall:-1100mm.
Winter:- November to February Temperature:-Mini-0c to 25 c (with teperatures dipping to the freezing point in some areas)
Best Traveling Time:- October to April.

Transport System
By Air:- Birsa Munda Airport is known as Ranchi Airport. This airport is located at 5 km away from Ranchi City. This airport is a domestic airport. This airport has direct flights from major cities of Indian state such as  Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Kolkata, Patna, Pune etc. There are few major airlines serves such as AirIndia, GoAir, Indigo Jet Airways etc. A new International Airport is under construction. Birsa Munda Airport is 227 km away from Kolkata & 420 km away from Patna.

By Railway:- Ranchi Junction Railway Station is located at Lower Chutia, Gosaintola, Ranchi. This station is 5 km away from Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi. It is connected to major cities of Indian states. There are four major stations in this city like Ranchi Junction,  Hatia Station, Tatisilwai Station and Namkom Station. There are 6 platforms, two over bridges and an escalator in Ranch Junction.

By Road:- Birsa Bus Stand is located near Ranchi  Railway Station. There are several buses operates by this bus stand. It is connected to all cities of Indian states. 

Famous Tourist Places:- There are several famous tourist places in Ranchi city such as Jagarnnath Temple, Sun Temple, Rock Garden, Hundru Falls, Birsa Zoological Park, Tagore Hill, Deori Temple, Kanke Dam, Panch Gagh Falls etc.
Jagarnnath Temple:-  Jagarnnath Temple is located at 10 km away from Ranchi city. It is situated on a hill top near Firayalal Chowk. This temple was constructed by King of Barkagarh, Jagannathpur Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo in 1691. The architectural style of this temple is same as the famous temple Jagannath temple, Puri, Odisha. This temple is one of the famous tourist places in Ranchi city.

Rock Garden:- Rock Garden is situated in the middle of the city and above the Kanke Dam. The location of this garden is looks very beautiful, amazing and wonderful. It is very peaceful place. 

Hundru Falls:- Hundru Waterfalls is located at 45 km away Ranchi city on the Ranchi-Purulia Road. It is created on the course of the Subarnarekha river. The height of this falls is 322ft and it is the 34th highest waterfalls in India. View of this waterfall is very natural, wonderful and peaceful. It is the best place for meditation. This waterfall is one of the famous tourist place in Ranchi city. It is also a picnic spot.

Birsa Zoological Park:- Birsa Zoological Park is located on Main Road National Highway-33, Ormanjhi, Chakla, Ranchi. This park is known as Birsa Jaivik Udyan. This zoological park is providing more information of a sight of nature wild life in its own habitat. There are several species of fauna present in this park such as tigers, deer, monkeys, snakes etc. It is also one of the famous tourist places in Ranchi.

Chhinnamasta Temple:- Chhinnamasta Temple is located at Rajrappa, 28 km away from Ramgarh district of the state of Jharkhand and  69 km away from Ranchi city. This temple is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the Damodar and Bhera rivers near the Rajrappa falls. This temple attracts devotees from all parts of Indian states such as West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. The main attraction  of this temple is the headless deity of Goddess Chhinnamasta which stands on the body of Kamdeo and Rati in the lotus bed. The location of this place is very beautiful landscapes of mountains.    

Baba Baidyanath Temple, Deoghar is located at 180 km away from Ranchi city. This Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. It is located at Deoghar in the Santhal Parganas division of the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the most sacred abodes of Lord Shiva.

Best and Five Star Hotels 
Radisson Blu Hotel, City Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Rs.10,650/- to Rs.12,726/- per room per night.

Hotel Capitol Hill, City Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Rs.8,754/- to Rs.9,673/- per room per night.

Hotel Yuvraj Palace, Doranda Ranchi, Jharkhand-834002, India.( Near Ranchi Railway Station) Rs.5,636/- to Rs.9,594/- per room per night.

Chanakya BNR Hotel, Station Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.(5.8 km away from Birsa Munda International Airport & 550 m away from Ranchi Railway Station) Rs.4,200/- per room per night.

Hotel Maple Wood, Diocesan Village, Old HB Road, Siromtoli Chowk, Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand, India.( 5 km away from Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi) Rs.3,400/- per room per night.

Cheap and Best Hotels

Hotel Emerald, Near Hinoo Bridge, Main Road, Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. (2.5 km away from Birsa Munda Airport & 4.7 km away from Ranchi Junction Railway Station) Rs.2,500/- per room per night.

Hotel Radiant, Gurudwara Lane, Station Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Rs.1,250/- to Rs.1,400/- per room per night.

New Raj Residency, Main Road, Opp. Big Bazar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. (5 km away from Birsa Munda Airport, 1 km away from Ranchi Junction Railway Station & 3.5 km away from Bus Stand) Rs.2,900/- per room per night.

Hotel Basera, Opp. Big Bazar, 5-Main Road, Near Overbridge,Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand, India.(5 km away from Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi & 17 meter away from the Sun Temple) Rs.1,200/- & Rs.1,500/- per room per night.

Hotel The Ken, City Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Rs.3,143/- to Rs.4,836/- per room per night.

Hotel Rajdhani Plaza, City Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.(Near Firayalal Chowk & GEL Church Complex) Rs.1,200/- to Rs.1,998/- per room per night.

Hotel Sita Kunj, City Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Rs.740/- to Rs.956/- per room per night.

Hotel Pearl, Vishal Mega Mart, Main Road, Near Hanuman Temple, Ranchi, Jhakhand, India. Rs.1,280/- per room per night.

(Rate of hotels may be changed time to time)

Note:- All these informations have been taken from different media sources such as blog reviews, magazines, tourist reviews, travel sites etc.

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